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Multi SW 1


The MULTI SW1 High Frequency charger results from many years of development and experience as a major supplier to the material handling market. It’s a multi-voltage charger eliminating the need for multiple chargers in a facility. Users can standardize on a single charger from a single source simplifying installation, operation and maintenance. This new charger incorporates in its design the latest High Frequency technology, robust contruction and high reliability. User programmability allows the user to optimize the charge profile (IUIa) for their specific battery and with its advanced features, the charger is programmable to fit any battery size and up to 80V for 3Ph and 48V for 1Ph. Programmable Desulphating charge at constant current is made available.

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Technical specifications

  • single Phase Input Voltage 230 V ± 15 % 50/60 Hz
  • three Phase Input Voltage 400 V ± 15 % 50/60 Hz
  • efficiency 92%
  • IUIa recharge profile, with equalising and maintenance charge
  • microprocessor controlled and switch mode operation
  • selectable battery voltage from 2 to 48V for 1Ph, for wet and gel batteries
  • selectable battery voltage from 2 to 80V, for 3Ph, wet and gel batteries
  • adjustable output current, from 1A to 50A (1Ph)
  • adjustable output current, from 1A to 100A (3 Ph)
  • adjustable duration of the charge cycle made at constant current (Desulphating charge)
  • programmable charging parameters
  • LED’s indicating state of charge
  • LCD display indicating state of charge and fault condition
  • meaningful charge management information and fault diagnostics of the last 2500 cycles are hold in memory
  • facility to delay start of charging to take advantage of off peak electricity
  • suitable for wall fixing
  • robust metal construction
  • forced air-cooling
  • reverse polarity protection
  • short-circuit protection
  • overall charge timer protection
  • incorrect battery voltage protection
  • thermal cut-out
  • automatic operation
  • degree of protection IP20
  • for indoor use only

Major Benefits

  • The very high efficiency 92% leads to a significant reduction of costs because less energy is consumed for each charge.
  • Recharge profile not influenced by Mains fluctuation or depth of discharge.
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • Reduced weight and volume.
  • Reduced charging time leads to reduced electricity bills.
  • Reduced battery maintenance and improved battery life.