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Optional Cool Battery Detector for FW100

Batteries should be taken into use when they are fully charged and after an adequate interval. If they are not cooled for a long enough time, their temperature will continue to rise risking long-term damage.
• Without our Go Green-cool battery detector it’s hard to achieve this goal.
• Over utilized batteries do not have time to cool and become overheated leading to a shortened life.
• Selecting batteries that have been fully charged and have reached your “readytogo” temperature ensure a longer battery runtime and lifetime which save time and money.

Improper Battery Rotation is a leading cause of
· Reduced battery run time
· Reduced battery life
Most forklift drivers are too busy and often take the first available battery.
This will lead to an overuse of batteries closest to the charging point.
Proper rotation of all batteries is required to maximize battery life and run time.
Failure to properly rotate batteries will dramatically shorten battery life!

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