Caricabatteria - Attrezzature elettroniche industriali



Available as 3Ph 400/230V and
1Ph 230V Input Voltage, 50-60 Hz

• Engineered for single shift operations
• Start delay: diagnostics check for correct battery and state of battery
• Selectable delayed start to take advantage of off-peak electricity
• Charging pattern based on charge factor calculation
• Equalising and maintenance charge
• Pre-Charging mode; monitoring system ensuring prevention of overcharging
• Facility to adjust:
· charge factor
· gassing voltage
· start delay
· equalisation charge duration
• Alpha/Numeric display: key information including total voltage, charge current, amps returned, accumulated charge time and diagnostics
• All stages are monitored and covered by security systems


The last 2500 Charge cycles are hold in memory
Archive Download function (USB)
B@tview software to store and analyze archive data
LCD display indicating status of the charger and settings
Optional: Battery temperature probe, external lamp,
automatic water refill


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