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Battery Monitor

The BATTERY MONITOR is a battery diagnostics tool developed specifically to meet the needs of motive battery systems. This BATTERY MONITOR tracks and logs various battery performance data including battery voltage, temperature, current and amphours of charge and discharge. Maintaining records to monitor battery, age and performance has never been easier! Batteries cannot be properly maintained without routine record keeping. The record keeping capability of our BATTERY MONITOR software simplifies record maintenance, providing top-level management overviews, with specific data. Easily identify battery/truck problems: analyze logged data to identify problems and take corrective actions. Minimize downtime and reduce maintenance costs.

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Technical specifications

  • operating voltage range 24-96V
  • battery capacity 100Ah – 1500Ah
  • operating temperature: 5-60° C degrees
  • dimensions: 175 x 50 x 45 mm
  • protection degree IP63


  • easy installation
  • suitable for all battery technologies
  • battery temperature sensor (optional)
  • water level sensor (optional)
  • can store up to 2500 cycles (1 cycle = charge + discharge)
  • graphic display of charging cycles made in the last nine months
  • connected B@tman to software by means of an USB cable
  • function key to display (LED) operating conditions
  • tracks battery performances (voltage, current, temperature)
  • manage fleet operations